Dr Walia is a very thorough and knowledgeable professional. She always made time to answer my questions, outside of our appointments as well. Her practice follows you closely, providing a lot of guidance, steps and education along the way. Her support staff was always available to answer a questions or they would get back to me in a timely fashion, if a response from Dr Walia was needed. The program was also modified for my particular needs. I have made substantial changes over the past 4 months, which have improved my health significantly. They continue to be supportive even after the program has ended. I am grateful to Dr. Walia and her colleagues. Thank you !!!

– JoAnn S.

Dr. Gara has been my doctor for the last 4 years. Just had my third colonoscopy with him. He is so kind and explains everything to you. I highly recommend Dr. Gara

– Rose G.

Dr. Walia and Alisa have changed my life through Gain Wellness Center Program. My overall well-being, my health issues with cholesterol and personal issues have been addressed and explained through the educational part of the program as well as mentoring, which has been God-sent. Dr. Walia has really changed my life for the better because of her kindness, well informed explanations of my medical issues and how to address these issues through supplements, physical exercise, eating healthy guilt-free, and much more! And excellent tips like breathing exercises and how to take care of your body that I haven’t heard before. The research and the resources are excellent and thoroughly explained. I feel so good with regaining my energy back and looking and feeling like I am in my 30’s when I’m really 53. I didn’t need antidepressants. I needed to know exactly what’s going on with my hormones and the rest of my body and specifically address that. I couldn’t find that with the traditional doctors all through the years. I finally found the holistic program that works. The natural way, not the drug way that has caused so many bad side effects on my body in order to lower my cholesterol. They address the root cause of my health problems, including stress and hormonal imbalances that did lead to symptoms like weight gain, abdominal pain, sleep problems, and fatigue. I used to be up to 145 pounds. I went through menopause. Now I have gone as low as 122 pounds, 13% less body fat, and gained muscle mass to balance a healthy body. They direct you how to do physical exercise through the program and I have made it a life practice to go to the gym and classes almost every day. I really didn’t think my body can transform this much. But with the right way of eating and exercising and mentoring, it is possible. This is now my new way of life. Goodbye processed sugar! Hello emotional and physical well-being!!!! I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength!

– Ruth D.

I came to see Dr. Walia due to ongoing digestive issues including severe IBS, as well as a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis in my hip area. I had considered myself to be making good choices before this, but couldn’t seem to get my health issues under control on my own. I also have a movement disorder as a result of a car accident, and high stress levels due to losing my 29 year old son to cancer. I was shocked at how much I didn’t know given my “healthy” lifestyle, and very impressed with the results after following the plan Dr. Walia gave me. I was having hip pain that kept me awake at night, and within two weeks that was gone and has not returned, which was an unexpected benefit. The pain levels from my movement disorder are reduced, I lost 14 pounds including stubborn belly fat, and my stress is better controlled. My digestive issues are greatly improved as well, and I now know which foods to include & avoid for optimal health, as well as which lifestyle changes to incorporate into my routine. I could not have done this on my own. Change can be challenging even when we are determined, and it was no exception for me. Dr. Walia and her team are incredibly responsive, supportive and were there for me every step along the way. I would highly recommend this program to others who are looking to improve their health and well being.”

– Lorraine K.

I had sports injuries from many years ago. I was recommened to Dr. Coppolino. He adjusted my back and I felt much better after the third appointment. I will recommend him to all my friends and family.

– Jaspal S.

Overall wonderful experience.

– Rose R.

Dr. Walia is a wonderful doctor and everyone in the office is so friendly. During my first consultation, Dr. Walia said all of the right things that I needed to hear, “Get healthy from the inside out.” I have a better understanding of what I need to pay attention to, in regards to my lab results. Just two weeks into the program and I no longer feel sluggish and experiencing more positive results! I am already recommending my friends and family to watch her videos and to make an appointment!

– Trish T.

From Webinar to the beginning of week 2, I have felt understood, educated, cared for and supported on my wellness journey. I have so much appreciation for Dr. Walia-Bhatia, she believed me when I told her about my symptoms, and she never blamed them on my weight or my inability to lose weight. She taught me to focus on not only detoxing my body but the ultimate goal of being healthy and understanding what I am putting into my body for long term optimal health. Dr. Walia-Bhatia is my life saver.

– Michelle H.

Very caring and helpful staff. Dr. Walia and her team strive to make your health better and show a genuine interest in everybody’s well being.

– Chandra E.