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Never ask “what to eat” again!

It's a no-brainer, really... Your diet can make or break your wellness game, affecting everything from your brainpower to your gut health!

Dr. Walia has been a beacon of wellness for decades!

By making simple yet powerful changes to your diet, you can unlock the secret to true wellness and a vibrant life. Join Dr. Walia on the journey to better health!

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Meet Dr. Walia

Mandeep Walia-Bhatia, DC, AFMCP, is the founder of Gain Wellness Center in Poway, California. At the integrated medical practice, one of Dr. Walia-Bhatia’s, DC, greatest goals, as a health care provider, is to provide her practice members with alternative, but healthy and safe choices that will enhance their health and well-being.

Dr. Walia-Bhatia, DC, was born in India and raised in Canada before moving to San Diego. She attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada for her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees with specialties in Biology and Physiology. She was involved in research programs that were funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. She had various publications in research articles during her time at McMaster University.

Dr. Walia likes to motivate and educate her practice members to take charge of their health by providing them with evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their own personal health and take control of their health.

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Success Stories

Client Testimonials

I was shocked at how much I didn't know given my "healthy" lifestyle, and very impressed with the results after following the plan Dr. Walia gave me. I was having hip pain that kept me awake at night, and within two weeks that was gone and has not returned, which was an unexpected benefit. The pain levels from my movement disorder are reduced, I lost 14 pounds including stubborn belly fat, and my stress is better controlled.

Lorraine, K.

During my first consultation, Dr. Walia said all of the right things that I needed to hear, "Get healthy from the inside out." I have a better understanding of what I need to pay attention to, in regards to my lab results. Just two weeks into the program and I no longer feel sluggish and experiencing more positive results!

Trish, T.

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